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Happy Lantern Festival

Happy Lantern Festival

The Lantern Festival is celebrated everywhere on January 15th of the lunar calendar, right after the Spring Festival.Traditionally, the Lantern Festival is a part of the Spring Festival.This day is always the first full moon in the lunar New Year.Across China, people celebrate by hanging up lanterns and festoons, attending dancing and singing performances, making “Yuan Xiao” or sweet rice dumplings and lighting fireworks.This is also a continuation of the Spring Festival celebration.On the Lantern Festival night, the moon illuminates the dark sky while many lanterns shine bright colors on the earth.

Across China, the Lantern Festival is celebrated in many different styles.In places near water, people put Lotus Lanterns in the river to let them flow down stream, carrying the loss they feel for the relatives that have passed away.In the North, as traditional customs combined with modern science and technology, there evolved the Ice Lantern Festival.The combination of the ice and snow with colored lights, carvings, designs, and special scenery yield a spectacular winter paradise.

Foryouwood wish a happy lantern Festival !


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