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Multilayer board is made of three or more layers of veneer or thin plate by template glue.

Now the presentation of all wardrobe, also gradually presented a lot of customized wardrobe information. From Particleboard and fiberboard in the early stage to the ecological board and multilayer board now. The multi-layer board can not only meet the customer's pursuit of solid wood, but also accept its price.

Multilayer board is made of three or more layers of single board or thin plate through the high temperature limit of template glue. It is based on multi-layer plywood, and is made by cold pressing, hot pressing and other multi-layer processes. With small deformation, high strength, good flatness, and can be produced according to the needs.

Multilayer board

In addition, the deformation of the multi-layer formwork is not easy to be affected by the weather. The strength of solid wood board is related to its base. Every time a layer is added, the strength of multi-layer board will be correspondingly added, and of course, the price will also be added. Multilayer board is a combination of the strengths of fiberboard and particleboard. The drawback is that the cost of production is higher than that of density board, so the price is relatively high.

The temperature of wood can be felt by hand, and the wood with more water content will feel cold. The relatively boring wood will not have this feeling. Once again, it can listen to the sound. The dull original material of multilayer board will have a dull sound when it is knocked, while the opposite data will be relatively straightforward.

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