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What are the elements of dry shrink packaging?

Packaging board at the time of manufacturing and all the wood, must carry out drying solution, but in the drying of wood drying shrinkage situation is indeed some uncontrollable, today's technical professional packaging plate manufacturers for everyone to make a comprehensive interpretation, the next we need to learn more about it!

The packaging board itself is composed of many long body cells. In the drying stage, the drying shrinkage on the length of the wood body cells is not larger than that of the cross-section. Because the longitudinal shrinkage is very small, it can not be considered to reserve the drying capacity in industrial production, while the manufacturing of string control panel packaging board keeps enough dry shrinkage capacity, according to the different application materials of packaging board In the drying process, it is necessary to select the relevant auxiliary countermeasures such as heating solution and intermediate solution.

Generally speaking, the longitudinal shrinkage of wood is very small, and the tangential shrinkage is large. However, there are various kinds of wood used in the production and processing of packaging board, and the drying shrinkage status is also very complex, which varies with the wood.

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